Continuous Vibratory Systems

Surface Preparation features a complete line of continuous vibratory machines. There are two primary types of continuous vibratory systems: Multi Channel Machines and Flow Through Tub Machines.  Continuous surface finishing with a non-stop flow of parts through the finishing machine offers many advantages to batch finishing:

Easy integration of the surface finishing process into continuous manufacturing systems

  • Easy, cost effective automation of surface finishing processes
  • Lower cost for material handling, as the parts are not collected into batches

Areas of application for Continuous Surface Finishing:

  • Deburring
  • Smoothing
  • Parts cleaning and de-greasing
  • Ball burnishing

Continuous surface finishing is limited to applications with process times between 5 and up to 40 minutes maximum. Continuous systems are less suited for removing extremely strong burrs, intensive radiusing, and processing parts made of difficult to machine alloys. In these circumstances a batch finishing machine would be a better choice.

Surface Preparation offers two primary types of continuous vibratory machines:

  • Flow Through Tubs - These systems consist of a trough type, rectangular work bowl with a half pear shaped profile. They are mainly used for the processing of robust mass produced parts of small & medium size (die-castings & stampings) or for deburring and grinding of mid to large size components such as engine and pump housings, oil pans, cylinder head covers… Click here for more info on Flow Through Tubs.

  • Multi Channel Machines – Multi Channel machines have a spiral process channel. They are mainly used for gentle deburring and de-greasing of delicate, small to mid-size parts - for example machined pump housings, sintered parts, and bearing cages… Click here for more info on Multi Channel Machines.

Surface Preparation can assist you with the proper selection of vibratory systems that best fit your processing and production requirements. Click here to contact Surface Preparation.