Vibratory Troughs

Surface Preparation features a complete line of vibratory tubs or troughs. Vibratory tubs are used for finishing mid to large size parts. Typically the parts to be processed are placed in the tub individually. Isolating several parts within one machine can be accomplished by using an optional divider or several dividers. Tubs can be used for deburring, fine finishing, polishing, burnishing and radiusing and can generate specific finish requirements such as pre-plate finishes. Delicate parts can be processed individually or can be clamped with special fixtures or jigs to prevent impingement and parts damage during the finishing process.

Surface Preparation features two primary types of vibratory tubs:

  • Standard Tubs – The standard line of vibratory tubs provide an excellent cost / performance ratio. This series has a robust design and competitive price. These tubs range in size from ½ cubic foot up to 116 cubic feet in working volume. Click here for more info on Standard Vibratory Tubs.
  • Heavy Duty Tubs – The specially designed Multivib drive system offers intense finishing throughout the entire length of the tub without any "dead" areas. These tubs range in size from 7.4 cubic feet to 62.1 cubic feet in working volume. Click here for more info on Heavy Duty Vibratory Tubs.

Surface Preparation can assist you with the proper selection of vibratory tubs that best fit your processing and production requirements. Click here to contact Surface Preparation.