Blast Cabinets


Blast cabinets are the workhorse of the abrasive blasting world. They are an economical, versatile piece of equipment that can be used for many different shapes and sizes of work, as well as a multitude of different abrasives and applications.

Cabinets can first be separated into suction and pressure systems:

  • Suction systems utilize the venturi principle to deliver the abrasive to the blast gun via suction (hence the name) where it is combined with your compressed air source and propelled against the work piece.

  • Pressure systems use a pressurized vessel to contain the abrasive. In these systems the abrasive is metered into the compressed air stream at the pot, and travels the length of the blast hose and out of the nozzle under pressure.

So which one is better?

The answer is… (drum roll please)… there isn′t a single answer. Suction and pressure systems are two different tools that need to be matched to your application, abrasive, and needs of the job. Confused? Don′t worry. Contact us and we′ll help you sort it all out.

Surface Preparation will also help you consider these factors when selecting a blast cabinet:

  • Size of the working chamber: Your cabinet needs to be large enough to comfortably accept your work piece as well as maneuver the work piece and/or the nozzle to reach all the areas that need to be blasted.

  • Abrasive Reclamation System: Really the heart of any good blast machine, the abrasive reclaim system removes dust and debris from your abrasive, only returning clean, properly sized media to the blast nozzle.

  • Dust Collection System: Few things hurt the productivity of a blast system more quickly than poor visibility. The right size and type of dust collector for your cabinet as well as the ability to keep the dust collector filters clean ensures that your operators will operate comfortably and productively.

  • Abrasive being used: Some abrasives, like sodium bicarbonate or plastic, require more specialized equipment to handle their unique physical characteristics. The dust collection, abrasive delivery, and abrasive reclamation components all need to be modified somewhat to handle certain abrasives.

  • Accessory components: Vertical lift doors, material handling equipment, and door mounted tumble baskets, are all examples of hand cabinet accessories that can make your machine more productive.

SPT stocks many different makes and models of blast cabinets in our nine sales and service facilities. In many locations we can provide sample processing and equipment demo services. Contact Surface Preparation today for help with your abrasive blasting application.