Robotic Blast Systems


Robotic blast systems are the new "state of the art" in abrasive blasting and sandblasting automation.

When your part complexity, process requirements, or quality control needs do not lend themselves to a standard automation solution, robotic blasting may be the answer.

Surface Preparation can provide cost effective robotic blast solutions for parts as small as hand held components up to items as large as 7 feet in diameter. Standard work enclosure sizes range from the compact 26” X 36” unit up to the 84” X 84” blast cabinet for larger components.

Industries including medical, aerospace, consumer electronics, automotive and other manufacturing industries are using robotic blast systems.

Applications for robotic blast systems include:

Optional features include but are not limited to a servo controlled rotary positioner, automatic blast pressure control, through the fixture back pressure control, automated media flow control, rotary lance capabilities, automatic recovery and custom data collection and report generation.

In addition we are the only robotic blast equipment supplier to offer in-cabinet vision systems to locate piece part features for applications that require precise position accuracy and path repeatability.

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