Wheel Blast - Tumble Blast


Surface Preparation offers a wide variety of wheel blast equipment in several configurations. One of the more popular models of wheel blast equipment is a tumble blast unit.

Tumble blast machines are comprised of either a rubber or steel flighted belt that is driven within a mill, or cabinet, as the parts tumble beneath the blast wheel. Parts are batch processed in the tumble blast.

These units can are best suited for manual loading and unloading however loaders and conveyors can sometimes be utilized to provide for a semi-automated process.

Continuous tumble blast machines are available as well. These in-line units tumble parts through a tunnel by means of a rolling belt beneath a series of blast wheels.

Standard tumble blast machines range in size from 1 ½ cubic feet up to 12 cubic feet of operating capacity. Tumble blast models bigger than 12 cubic feet are available should your production require a larger machine.

Surface Preparation can assist you with the proper selection of wheel blast equipment that best fits your processing and production requirements. Click here to contact Surface Preparation.