Blasting Automation


Want to improve the productivity, quality, and consistency of your blasting operation? Then automate it!

Many blasting applications lend themselves to full or semi-automation. Numerous options exist that range from pre-engineered, standard blast automation to fully customized equipment. Some examples of standard automation include:

  • Tumble Barrels and Baskets
  • Indexing Turntables
  • Continuous Turntables
  • In-line Belt Conveyors

If your work does not lend itself to a standard solution, Surface Preparation will work with you to design a fully customized system, specifically engineered for your work environment, budget, and process demands. Automation solutions exist for suction or pressure dry air blasting, micro blasting, wet blasting, and wheel blasting.

We are experts in the field of blasting automation and represent the finest equipment manufacturers in the world to help design your system. Contact us today to get started.