Drag Finishing Systems


Surface Preparation features a complete line of drag finishing systems. Drag finishing systems represent a very unique technology in surface finishing.

The components to be finished are attached to special fixtures and "dragged" in a planetary movement through a bed of mass finishing media. The process provides up to 40 times higher grinding performance when compared to typical vibratory finishing processes. The components are individually attached onto fixtures and therefore cannot impinge each other.

Parts well suited for drag finishing include:

  • High value or delicate components
  • Parts with many contours and complex geometries
  • Extremely hard materials that are difficult to machine

Examples could include: surgical implants, turbine blades, precision parts, pump & compressor components, parts made of hard metal (i.e. sintered parts, etc…)

The applications for drag finishing range from aggressive grinding and radiusing all the way to surface smoothing and high gloss polishing of decorative parts.

There are three variations of drag finish units offered by Surface Preparation:

  • A single rotary work station unit
  • A unit utilizing two rotating work stations
  • A larger scale unit featuring a planetary drive with up to five work stations

There are also drag finish units designed specifically for the edge treatment of carbide machine tool components. For additional information on this system please click here.

Surface Preparation can assist you with the proper selection of drag finish equipment that best fits your processing and production requirements. Click here to contact Surface Preparation.