High Energy - Centrifugal Barrel Machines


Surface Preparation offers several different sizes and styles of high energy centrifugal barrel machines. Centrifugal barrel machines provide extremely intensive processing - generating a force on the mass of parts, media and compound of up to 30 times that of gravity.

Centrifugal barrel machines often provide finishing results that simply cannot be achieved in a standard vibratory process. A centrifugal barrel machine is typically comprised of four barrels horizontally mounted between two main drive turrets. As the two main turrets rotate all barrels rotate in the opposite direction of the turret. The capacities of centrifugal barrel machines range from ½ cf to 12 cf of processing volume.

This process requires manual loading and unloading as well as parts and media separation. Typically centrifugal barrel finishing requires more operator involvement than other mass finishing processes.

Processes ranging from heavy grinding to fine polishing can be accomplished with centrifugal barrel finishing. Parts can be processed dry in a few select media types in a centrifugal barrel. Either wet or dry, a great deal of heat is generated within each barrel during this method of finishing. Heat must be considered from both a safety and finishing standpoint when centrifugal barrels are utilized.

Parts that require a significant amount of hand finishing are good candidates for centrifugal barrel finishing. If part on part impingement is a concern, parts can be loaded into each barrel individually for processing. Compartmentalized barrels are also available which increases the number of parts that can be processed in each cycle while still guaranteeing no part on part contact.

Surface Preparation can assist you with the proper selection of centrifugal barrel system fits your processing and production requirements. Click here to contact Surface Preparation.