High Energy Centrifugal Disc - Automated


Surface Preparation features a complete line of Automated High Energy Centrifugal Disc Finishers.

The rotating spinner (60 – 250 rpm) accelerates the mass of work pieces, media and compound to the wall of the stationary work bowl and pushes the mass upwards along the wall of the work bowl. With decreasing acceleration and increasing gravity, the mass slides back down to the spinner where it is again accelerated.

Features of centrifugal disc finishers:

  • Optimum dynamic geometry of spinner and work bowl
  • Infinite water level control
  • Infinitely adjustable speed of the spinner
  • Automatic gap control (on some models) can be adjusted within a tolerance of 0.01 mm
  • Rinsing of the gap prevents premature wear of spinner and work bowl
  • Anti-blocking system prevents "seizure" of the spinner
  • Additional protection of spinner and work bowl by temperature control in the gap area

Automated centrifugal disc finishers are double batch systems. While one batch with finished parts is separated on the screening machine a second batch is in process in the work bowl. Machine idle time is minimized, specifically with regard to parts / media separation and productivity is optimized. These double batch systems are ideally suited for automation.

Automated centrifugal disc finishers can also be configured in a tandem system. This version of the double batch system is well suited for applications with a relatively long processing time and short screening or separation times. Tandem systems have two work bowls but only one intermediate hopper and screening machine. The combined intermediate hopper and screening machine is used alternatively by the two work bowls. This provides a significant advantage in cost and space requirements.

Product specifications for the Walther Trowal Turbotron A/2C series of Automated Centrifugal Disc Finishers:

Machine types TT60 A/2C TT90 A/2C TT140 A/2C TT280 A/2C TT520 A/2C
Gross Volume (cf) 2.1 3.1 4.9 9.8 18.3
Working Capacity (cf) 1.4 2.1 3.5 7.0 14.1
Work Bowl Material Steel / PU Steel / PU Steel / PU Steel / PU Steel / PU
Spinning Power (hp) 5.3 5.3 14.7 14.7 40.2
Max RPM @ 50 Hz 213 213 173 179 165
Screening Area (si) 852 852 852 1472 1472

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