Micro Blasting


Abrasive blasting is not just for large objects like ships, bridges, and 747s. There are many applications that require that the blast energy is directed to a very small, very precise area. This is accomplished with micro or "pencil" blasting equipment. Application examples include:

  • Circuit board, semi-conductor and other electronics cleaning, cutting or texturing
  • Quartz and glass marking and cutting
  • Dental crown or other small investment cast cleaning
  • Stints and other medical devices
  • Precise ID deburring of machined parts
  • Jewelry
  • Fossil and stone cleaning

Surface Preparation offers a wide range of micro blasting equipment to perfectly fit your application. Available systems include:

  • Single or multiple powder chamber systems to work with one, or several different abrasives
  • Work Enclosures
  • Pressure Intensifiers
  • Dust Collection
  • Automated Systems

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