Rotamat Parts Coating System


Surface Preparation features the Walther Trowal Rotamat for the coating of small parts. The Rotamat is the ideal solution for the coating of small, mass-produced parts.

The Rotamat is ideal for the following applications:

  • Decorative coating
  • Lubricant coating with anti-blocking or frictionless agents
  • Coating bonding agents
  • Coating for electrical insulation
  • Coating for corrosion protection

The coating of the parts takes place in a rotating drum protected by a sheet metal housing. The coating is sprayed onto the mass of parts as they tumble beneath a precision spray gun. The pre-filtered inlet air in the drum is heated up to 300ºF to facilitate the drying of the parts as they are being coated. The exhaust air is removed from the drum by means of a dust collector. The drum is simply tilted to unload the batch of parts after coating. The drum is easily cleaned by utilizing special grinding and polishing media.

Features of the Rotamat include:

  • Compact design
  • Optimal utilization of lacquer or coatings vs. conventional methods
  • Parameter controlled spraying system
  • Reproducible, consistent results
  • Easy cleaning of the machine

Batch sizes can range from .1 cf up to 1.4 cf depending on which of the three Rotamat models that best fits your coating requirements. In order to run a sample process a batch size of approximately .1 cf, or 3 liters, along with a small amount of your lacquer or coating are necessary for process development.

Surface Preparation can assist you with the proper selection of the Rotamat system that best fits your coating requirements. Click here to contact Surface Preparation.