Soda Blasting Equipment


Sodium bicarbonate is an extremely fine, light weight abrasive media that is only used once and is not recycled. Because of the media’s unique characteristics, soda blasting equipment typically requires some special features including:

  • Precise air and abrasive metering capability
  • Capability of a wide range of blast pressures
  • Water mist spray capability for dust suppression in an outdoor application
  • High dust collection air flow and cyclone dust pre-filtering in a cabinet application

Surface Preparation features a complete line of portable soda blasting equipment including well know brands like Schmidt, Accustrip, Safe-T-Strip, and other popular equipment.  Surface Preparation works closely with the makers of ARMEX® sodium bicarbonate media, the pioneers of soda blasting, to ensure that the equipment and abrasive formula are selected to work in harmony for your specific soda blasting application.

Surface Preparation also offers a wide range of hand blast cabinets specifically designed to function optimally with sodium bicarbonate media.

Soda blasting equipment offers the advantages of dry cleaning and degreasing, damage free stripping of delicate components, and media water solubility among others. It is one of our specialties at Surface Preparation. Contact us today to find out if soda blasting equipment fits your cleaning or stripping application.