Vibratory Bowls - Ball Burnishing

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Surface Preparation features a complete line of Ball Burnishing vibratory bowls. These versatile & powerful bowls are designed to achieve optimum results in terms of surface finishing & productivity. The spiral bottom process channel allows gentle processing combined with a high metal removal rate. Ball burnishing machines have an integrated screening system consisting of a manually or pneumatically operated separation flap and a built in separation screen.

Key features of Ball Burnishing Vibratory Bowls:

  • Spiral bottom work bowl – allows for better unloading and separation.
  • Ball burnishing* – Designed for ball burnishing with steel media due to heavy-duty steel construction and reinforced vibratory drive.
  • Gate clearing system* – This option ensures that parts and media are cleared from the gate area and not impinged when the separation flap is lowered. The flap is only lowered when the gate area is completely free of parts and media

Options available for this range of equipment include: sound covers and sound cabins, compound dosing systems, pneumatic unload gate, ball burnishing version for use with steel media, gate clearing, media classification screening system, magnetic separators, driers and wastewater treatment centrifuge systems.

Product specification example for Ball Burnishing bowls:

  CB 200 CB 300 CB 400 CB 600 CB 800 CB 1200 CB 1800
Gross Volume of work bowl(cf)7.010.514.
Working Capacity of work bowl (cf)4.47.410.
Largest Work Piece Dimension (measured diagonally, inches)6.68.6610.210.612.413.114.9
Screen area (square inches)3394205066207599761162
Maximum Drive Power at 1500 RPM (hp)1.343.483.485.368.010.7214.75
Speed (RPM)1,000 / 1,5001,000 / 1,5001,000 / 1,5001,000 / 1,5001,000 / 1,5001,000 / 1,5001,300
Maximum Centrifugal Force (N)18,71033,68033,68063,15493,562138,470150,000
Total Weight Empty (lbs)1,5432,0942,2482,6454,2555,2919,700
Magnetic Separator*MS
168 x 31
168 x 31
168 x 31
168 x 36
Vibratory Drier*G200G200G200G500G500G1000G1000
Belt Drier*BF-HL 350/3300BF-HL 350/3300BF-HL 350/3300BF-HL 600/3500BF-HL 600/3500BF-HL 600/3500BF-HL 1000/3500
Ball Burnishing Package*       
Maximum Drive Power at 1500 RPM (hp)2.45.365.369.3810.72--
Speed (RPM)InfinitelyAdjustableWithFrequencyConverterUp to1,800
Maximum Centrifugal Force (N)18,71033,68033,68063,15493,562  

*Available as optional equipment for Ball Burnishing bowls

Surface Preparation can assist you with the proper selection of vibratory bowl that best fit your processing and production requirements. Click here to contact Surface Preparation.

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