Wastewater Treatment


Surface Preparation features centrifugal wastewater systems specifically designed for mass finishing effluent.  Centrifuge wastewater systems remove broken down media and metal fines as well as oil from the process water. These units allow for recycling your process water and compound, greatly reducing disposal issues and costs.

Centrifuge units are broken down into two categories, Basket & Automatic systems.

Basket centrifuge systems are easy to operate, robust systems and incorporate the manual removal of the sludge basket from the centrifuge. During one cycle up to 41 pounds of sludge can be removed from the effluent.

The PLC controlled, automatic centrifuges can clean up to 70 cubic feet of effluent per hour. The sludge deposited on the wall of the rotating drum is automatically removed with a "peeling" knife and dropped into a sludge container according to preset intervals.

Product specification example for wastewater centrifuges (ZM:Basket, ZA:Automatic):

  ZM03 ECO ZM03 FL ZA04 ZA06
Capacity (gallons/hour) 264 264 264 528
Sludge Volume (gallons) 3.7 3.7 3.7 7.4
Centrifugal Rating (G Force) 2012 2012 1920 2417
Effluent Water Tank (gallons) 52 79 132 264
Process Water Tank (gallons) - 26 132 264
Overall dimensions (inches) (L x W x H) 51.2 x 35.4 x 55.1 51.2 x 40 x 57.1 82.7 x 65 x 86.6 98.5 x 84.6 x 90.6
Motor power average (hp) 2 2 4 6.7

Not every mass finishing application is suitable for effluent cleaning with centrifuges. Their use is limited with the following operations: chemically accelerated processes, paste processes, multi-stage finishing (using more than one compound), pickling with strong acids & ball burnishing applications.

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