Wet Blasting Equipment


Wet blast systems propel a slurry of abrasive media and water against the work surface using a special slurry pump and compressed air. The water buffers and cushions the abrasive media which produces some unique finishing capabilities and advantages for wet blast systems:


  • Eliminates Dust
  • Can degrease and blast clean in single step
  • Can produce a wide variety of finishes including delicate or extremely fine finishes
  • Eliminates media impingement
  • Reduces or eliminates warping
  • Produces a very deeply cleaned surface without chemicals
  • Laminar flow of abrasive slurry can hone and deburr surfaces


Wet blast systems are available in manual, hand cabinet configurations or can be automated. Standard systems feature closed loop water filtration and media by-pass water rinsing. Options include:


  • Oil and grease separation
  • Moving bed filter water separation
  • Hydro Cyclone for quick media change out
  • Heated water systems
  • Material handling systems

Is wet blasting the answer to your blasting or cleaning problem? Contact Surface Preparation today and find out.